Go figure, Chairmen of the Board may be at the Apple event tomorrow

We’ve already entered a world where Steve Jobs isn’t the CEO of Apple, and for all intents and purposes, everything has carried on business as usual. Stocks have climbed, products are about to be announced, and Apple is just as popular as ever. Jobs may have left his title behind, be he certainly hasn’t pushed the company he loves out of his heart.

Some websites have credited Reuters with announcing that Steve Jobs will make some sort of appearance at tomorrow’s iPhone event. Heck, some have publicly speculated Jobs may be part of the keynote. As it stands, we can’t find an article that announces anything of the sort.

We did find an article that said the following:

Most interesting is whether new CEO Tim Cook will lead the keynote and whether … Steve Jobs will participate, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu said.

Far from announcing, or speculating that Steve Jobs will in fact participate and be present at the event, no?

How about this quote?

The Apple co-founder, a pancreatic cancer survivor who stepped down in August after his third medical leave, is expected to make an appearance, though a no-show by the Apple co-founder will not be a major disappointment.

Both quotes are from the same article.

Just to be clear, the Reuters article suggests that Steve Jobs could be in the room, as a spectator, just like everyone else. What it doesn’t say, or even remotely hint at, is that Steve Jobs will be participating in the keynote. Shaw Wu said that, but he’s an analyst, and he probably has no idea what the keynote holds tomorrow.

As much as hardcore Apple fans don’t want to hear it, the era of Jobs is over, and the era of Tim Cook has begun. It’s Tim Cook’s time to shine. Putting Jobs on the stage to conduct the keynote would go a very long way towards rattling Wall Street’s confidence in Cook as a leader. It’s not going to happen. Stop dreaming in technicolor.

Steve Jobs is the Chairmen of the Board at Apple, and it wouldn’t exactly be out of the realm of possibilities that some of Apple’s board members show up for the keynote tomorrow.

Source: Reuters
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