Fieldrunners 2 From Subatomic Studios Launches On iOS App Store

Subatomic Studios launched the sequel to their massively successful iOS game, Fieldrunners, tonight. Fieldrunners was released In October 2008 on the App Store and became a huge success as an early adapter. Back in May, promising screenshots for the new game were posted online, and now it’s finally ready for some long-awaited attention.

The Tower Defense-style game was one of the first of its kind for iOS. Fieldrunners 2 stirs up the excitement but stays true to the game.

The fieldrunners are back! With legions of soldiers and a gaggle of new tricks, they’re ready to conquer the globe. Or so they think! Our top scientists at SubaLabs have built a bleeding-edge arsenal of devastating weapons for any heroes willing to stop these dastardly invaders. Help your people by taking action – DEFEND THE WORLD!

TouchArcade recently uploaded an in-depth video overview with one of the developers.

If you’re into this type of game, you’re in for a treat!

Fieldrunners 2 is available in the App Store for $2.99.

Source: App Store via MacRumors

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