This is how I feel about buying apps


The Oatmeal’s quickly becoming a pop culture icon for our generation. They have their pulse on what’s going on, and they’re able to provide social commentaries on what they see, in a funny little comic strip. There’s a couple of excellent Apple related comic strips, but the one from today hits particularly close to home—the 0.99 cent application.

In a world where we’re ready to drop exorbant amounts of cash to watch a movie in a theatre, it does comes as a surprise that people have such a hard time spending 0.99 cents on an application for their iPhone. It’s a good opportunity to take pause, and think about it for a second. I’m not going to lie, I often fall into this category. I have no idea why, and I’m well aware of it being ridiculous, but I’m not sure why it’s happened. For me, it’s a slippery slope, 20 0.99 cent applications add up quickly, but even then it’s an irrational fear that I’m going to break the bank on a 0.99 cent app.

Is it utility? Does society fear that they’re wasting money on a 0.99 cent application because next week their will be another one to replace it’s functionality? I think it certainly has something to do with it, and it’s probably the core of the problem—perceived value.

Anyway, this is about a hilarious comic strip from the Oatmeal, so let’s get too it. Click on the image for a redirect to the full version on The Oatmeal.

Article Via The Oatmeal