Feedly App Update Features New Design And Better Ways To Search And Share Stories

Feedly, a popular Google Reader application, has been completely redesigned. Available for iOS and Android, Feedly has a brand new interface and better ways of finding good stories and news events that are interesting to you. The update comes with faster sharing options so you can keep others in the loop about what you’re reading about.

For those that don’t know, Feedly is a fast way to read and share content from some of your favorite sites and it brings a fresh new experience to Google Reader. It brings togeher content from RSS feeds, YouTube channels, Tumblr blogs, and podcasts and organizes them nicely in a magazine-like style for easier viewing.

Included in the Feedly update is a new “categories” pane that lets users switch from topic to topic quickly and easily. It now supports Pocket and Instapaper so that articles can be saved and read later. There are new theme options, including day and night themes, and the app will show you how popular a particular article is on Facebook or Twitter so you can see if there’s already some buzz about it. Feedly’s new user interface is very sleek, with a Flipboard inspired layout.

And just like before, all of your Feedly articles and data are saved and synced on all of your devices and you can still have complete control over which feeds you read and which topics move to the top of your reading list. Users can get Feedly on mobile devices and as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The mobile apps are now available on the App Store and at Google Play.

Source: Lifehacker
Image Credit: Apple

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