FaceTime over 4G may be coming soon, but it’s not bloody likely

New evidence found buried deep in iOS 5.1’s code base has revealed that FaceTime could be getting a lot more useful in the next iPhone, which is also rumored to be an LTE device. According to a tip sent to iDownloadblog, FaceTime may be availble over the 4G network in the upcoming iPhone.

From Jeff Benjamin over at the iDownloadBlog:

Not only will we be seeing 4G capabilities on future iPhones, but there’s also the possibility that we could see FaceTime finally make itself available (officially) over cellular connections. Considering that 4G connectivity is much more akin to Wi-Fi connections when compared to 3G, we’d say Apple would be more on board than they were with 3G.

Given the evidence that’s been revealed by Benjamin, and the fact that the team over there found mention of FaceTime over 4G integration in all of their iOS 5.1 devices, we’re a little bit skeptical that we’ll see the technology rolled out any time soon. Apple just released an LTE, 4G iPad, but FaceTime isn’t available over the network yet on that device. There’s always a chance that FaceTime over LTE could be an exclusive to the new iPhone (just like Hotspot was originally), but even then it’s unlikely. Why’s it unlikely? Well, the carriers are a bunch of douchenozzles, and they’re the ones standing in the way of the technology going live already. Expecting them to change their minds any time soon is a pipe dream. If anything, we can see AT&T, Verizon, and others charging a fee for the ability to use FaceTime.

Anyway, FaceTime has always worked over the 3G network. Jailbreakers have been able to do it for quite some time now. The technology already exists in the current iPhone, but access for us normal non-jailbreaking folks does not. It’s pretty obvious that Apple would be testing new devices with FaceTime, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go live any time soon, so don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, great find by the iDownloadblog team. Props where it’s due.


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