FaceTime using email to make calls?

So, one of the things that’s been bugging me is the lack of consistency across Apple products lately. Without delving too far into that debate, mostly because I have a big article coming on it, one example is FaceTime. Why isn’t it able to connect to Macs, and what about devices that don’t have a cellphone number? Shouldn’t an iPod Touch be able to make a call to an iPhone?

Well, it seems like Apple’s working on a solution that’s based on an email address, similar to gTalk and other instant messaging applications. Users might have to sign in with an email address, and then place calls to other email addresses. It’s a smart way to solve the conundrum, considering that Apple considers FaceTime an open standard, and other platforms will need to find a way to integrate into the system. Everyone might not have a cellphone these days, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone without an email address and webcam.

This news also tentatively answers the speculation that Apple’s looking to bring FaceTime to the iPod Touch and iPad. We could see the duel camera setup in the next version of both devices and that would be a welcomed addition.

Article Via BGR

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