Four new FaceTime ads

Apple has released four new iPhone 4 ads that revolve around FaceTime.  All four ads are targeted towards families, or people in relationships.  Is this the target audience Apple is looking for, or are these just the beginning of a full ad campaign that will also target younger people?  Who knows, but as a family guy, I can definitely see these ads being targeted towards me.  Maybe when the new iPod Touch comes out, it too will have FaceTime, and I’ll be able to video chat with my kids.  Till then, here are Apple’s latest FaceTime ads.


I can definitely see me doing this with my daughter.  Actually she would be the one telling me to smile, because I would be crying after seeing the bill for her braces.

Big News

Now if we had this nine and a half years ago, I could see us using something like this.  Come to think of it my wife would have wanted to tell me in person.

Meet Her

This is a great way for family to see your child after they are born.  This would have been nice for my relatives that are out of state to see my daughter and son after they were born.  I’m going to be an Uncle in a couple of months, and I would love to see my new nephew over FaceTime.


To be honest I don’t have one for this, so you can add your input on this one.

What to you think of these ads?  Do you feel that they are targeted towards you?  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.  Personally I would like to use FaceTime over 3G as well.  I’m not always near a Wi-Fi hotspot, AT&T.

Photo Credit: FaceTime (main)

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