Facebook’s secret iPhone photo sharing app uncovered

TechCrunch has uncovered what is purported to be a new iPhone photo sharing app from Facebook. They only have this one screenshot up right now, but apparently they were sent images and documents describing the new app.

Calling it a mash up of Path, Instagram and Color, the app would definitely leverage the huge user base of Facebook, which sees roughly 6 billion photos uploaded to it monthly. That’s a lot of photos, and hopefully you won’t be refreshing all 6 billion of them to your phone every time you update your latest photos. They’ll probably sort that stuff out.

From the screenshot it looks like photos from different people at the same events can be automagically grouped together, and of course the ubiquitous tagging and liking and commenting on photos is still there.

Is Facebook feeling the pressure from the other services, or are they getting ready to combat the tighter social integration baked into the forthcoming iOS5?

From what TechCruch can tell, it is a standalone app at this point, but it may get rolled into the main Facebook iPhone app, or even into the main site. They’ve also heard that internally Facebook is calling it “Hovertown” or “WithPeople”. Why don’t they just call it Soylent Green and get it over with already?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we’re getting photo-sharing app fatigue. How many ways do we really need to share our photos with strangers or friends? Now, if you could actually keep photos on Facebook secret, that would be something.

Article Via Gizmodo

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