Facebook updates their iPhone application. It’s now available.

Today’s the big Facebook event. In short,  Zuckerberg announced a bunch of new functionality for the iPhone application, including group support, deals, places, and various other tweaks and patches.

The Facebook update has just gone live on the App Store, and you’re already able to download it. The update does not include iPad functionality, nor did they announce anything about the iPad at their event.

Zuckerberg made it quite clear that the event was to focus on “mobile” devices. There will be a lot of editorials in the upcoming days about Mark Zuckerberg’s classification of the iPad as a “mobile” device, and how the Facebook team doesn’t believe the iPad qualifies. He clearly meant that the focus was on mobile phones, and not the “on the go” type of mobile.  But, he also felt that he needed to qualify what he meant by “mobile,” as he went on to explain that the iPad isn’t as mobile as a phone.

When it comes to an iPad application, the Facbook team made it quite clear that they need a solution that will work on a multitude of devices and not just the iPad, given their finite resources.  When asked about the challenges Facebook faces scaling their service to the iPad and other tablet computers, Erick Tseng said, “The broader question is how do we scale to a tablet form factor without locking ourselves in.”  Personally, I have no problem using the Facebook website on my iPad. It works just fine.

The Facebook update now makes it easier to share photos and write posts within a group. It’s also a free download on the App Store.

Article Via TechCrunch and Engadget

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