Keep your eye on the Japanese tsunami crisis with NHK World TV app

It’s difficult covering news in the technology sector when real news is going on in the world. It’s one thing to post a rumor about the iPhone 5 on any other day, but when a catastrophe strikes like the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan today, it really puts life into perspective.

Luckily, there are some apps out there to keep you in touch with what’s going on on the ground in Japan.

First, there’s an NHK World TV Live application on the App Store. The application is free, and it’ll keep you updated around the clock. Give it a download (link below).

Also, Google has released a Person Finder application to the public that lets you track down missing loved ones. If you have friends or family on the ground in Japan, this may be of some use to you.

Finally, Sugoi Software has publicly posted coupon codes for a Japanese/English dictionary online. They’re available to the public, and they’re being reserved for people who are stuck in Japan. Don’t be a dick and redeem the codes unless you genuinely need it because of today’s events. You can also get the dictionary for OS X on their website. We’ve also included the download information below for the iPhone app, just in case the coupon codes all get redeemed.

If you know of any other helpful apps, please pass them along in the comments. We’ll be sure to add them to the article.

Article Via TUAW

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