Early iPhone 4 Gripes, yellow spots on the screen

It looks like some of the iPhone screens are turning up defective. It’s probably a small number of phones, and the manufacturing problem is probably a result of turning out a bazillion of these phones over the last month, but it’s still no excuse. With demand so high, it might be a while until users can get their malfunctioning phones replaced.

What’s it look like? The “defect” is yellow blotchy spots on your screen. It’s still uncertain if the yellow spot will disappear after normal use, but in some cases, Apple store employees have been replacing the phones on the spot. So you know that huge supply of iPhone’s that are available in the Apple store? They might be shrinking a little bit because of this problem.

Rumors are also circulating that it could be a bonding problem between the glass and screen, which could explain why the yellow spots may be disappearing slowly for some.

Article Via MacRumors

Image Credit 9to5 Mac

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