Another weekend, and another sale on games is upon us. EA games is getting into the holiday spirit with more games added to their Fa-La-La Fun Sales Event. Jared Nelson has the complete list over at Toucharcade. Once again proving the old axiom that good things come to those who wait, there’s a long list of games from EA that normally are at least a few dollars, now on sale for 99 cents. In some cases you could save $12 on a game. That’s 12 more games you could buy at $0.99!

Popular titles such as Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield: Bad Company, the various Need for Speed games, the Sims 3 series, R-Type (!) and even Madden NFL 11 are on sale for iPhone and iPad for $0.99. The iPad games in particular are a steal.

I appreciate a sale as much as anyone else, but you might want to take a deep breath before you buy too many. Some of these games have been $0.99 for a while, but EA has included them in the list of sale games, which is a little bit sneaky. Use something like to check the price changes on an app if you want to see how much you’re actually saving with this sale. Mind you, at $0.99 it’s not much of an outlay if you want one of these games.

If paying 99 cents is still too much for you, I noticed that the game Auditorium is now free, as in free. This game is a unique music/physics/puzzle game, and if that isn’t enough to intrigue you, did I mention it’s free? (Full disclosure, this game has been free since April. Thanks, AppShopper!)

I just picked up three for my iPhone without even thinking about it. I’ve got a long plane ride with two children coming up and Snood, Pictureka! and Sudoku should help keep either myself or them from going insane. Snood!

Article Via Toucharcade

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