Don’t Blame iOS 6’s Problems On TomTom

 This week has been pretty rough for the GPS hardware and software maker TomTom. Earlier this week, Waze’s CEO called them out on being “the weakest player” in the computer aided mapping industry. He also said the following about TomTom integration within iOS 6 maps:

What’s going to happen with the Apple maps, is that you’re literally not going to find things. When you do find them, they might be in the wrong place or position geographically. And if you do have it, the route to it may not be the optimal route.

Before this got too out of hand, TomTom decided to take a stand and say that it’s not to blame for iOS 6’s Maps controversy. According to Business Insider, TomTom said in a press release that Apple and other manufacturers “create their own unique application, which defines the user experience”. TomTom also tried to pitch their in house GPS software, which is currently in the App Store, by saying the following in the same press release:

TomTom’s map data is the foundation of our own smartphone application, which consistently gets high consumer ratings in the iTunes App Store.

Source: Business Insider
Image Credit: John.Karakatsanis

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