Dock to micro USB connector adapter released by Apple

In an attempt to lower the amount of garbage finding its way into European landfills, the European Union moved to embrace a universal cable for mobile devices, instead of allowing companies to continue to create proprietary charging cables. Starting in 2010, the micro USB cable was ratified as the industry standard. Today Apple has moved to make that transition, but instead of re-designing their iPhone to make use of the micro USB plug, the Cupertino company has begun selling a micro USB to Dock Connector adapter for the iPhone and iPad. The connector will be available on October 14th, and will weigh in at £8.00.

It won’t break the bank, and thankfully it’s cheap enough that it may encourage people to pick up the connector instead of purchasing numerous cables. However, I’m not exactly sure how the EU thinks creating connectors will help the problem, despite allowing companies to create adapters instead of changing their devices to meet the new standard. In addition to shipping all iOS devices with a dock connector cable, Apple will also begin shipping a Dock to USB conversion connector. Doesn’t that just double the stuff going into landfills?

Apple met their requirements in the EU, but something tells me the EU folks calling these shots didn’t exactly realize that they could be making the problem worse. Instead of looking for a new cable, customers will begin looking for a new dock connector conversion adapter. What’s the difference? Really?

Source: TUAW

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