Display Recorder Approved In The App Store

The popular Cydia application Display Recorder has recently been cloned and approved in the iTunes App Store. If you’re unaware, DisplayRecorder is an application that allows you to record your iPhone’s screen while using your iPhone’s microphone to voice over. When you’re finished recording, you can either save the video or upload it to YouTube. This application is very helpful for anyone who films app reviews, tutorials or quick demonstrations and likes uploading them to the web.

Apple usually isn’t keen on applications like these, but they seem to have allowed DisplayRecorder into the App Store. As of right now, the application has been in the store for just under a day and hasn’t been pulled, which leads us to believe that Apple is starting to loosen up on their screen recording grudge and will let DisplayRecorder stay in the store.

Finally, the original developer of the Cydia application Display Recorder, Ryan Petrich, is a bit ticked off about his application’s name being copied and accepted into the App Store. Petrich has filed a complaint via iTunes Connect about the app stealing his marketing and name. The Cydia Display Recorder currently sells for $4.99 while the unaffiliated App Store DisplayRecorder retails for $1.99.

Source: 9to5mac

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