Disney Theme Park Audio and Music for iPhone/iPod Touch

Do you like the music at the Disney Theme Parks?  Can’t wait to go back and listen to the music of Main Street, Star Tours, or Space Mountain?  Well wait no longer.  Thanks to the folks at Subsonic now you can listen to Disney Theme Park music on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Click here from your iPhone or iPod Touch.  After the page loads, click on the Done button in the top left hand corner.  You will be returned to the Safari page.  From here click on the Plus symbol at the bottom of the page.  Now choose Add to Home Screen, and here is were you can label the Home Screen button.  When you’re done click on the Add button in the top right hand corner.  Now you have Disney Theme Park music streaming through Safari on your preferred device.  The best part is this runs in the background, so you can leave the page to read your email, or text message without the music stopping.

If you don’t own an iPhone or iPod Touch you can still listen to the same streaming Disney music on your computer through iTunes.  Click here and you will download an iTunes playlist file.  Double click on the file and it will automatically load into iTunes.  You’ll find the Subsonic Disney Theme Park Audio and Music under the Soundtrack Disney Kids Genre.  From here you can create a Playlist, for an easier way to find Disney Theme Park Audio and Music in iTunes.

My family and I enjoy going to Disneyland, so this is a great way for us to relive the music of Disneyland.  I originally found out about this streaming service for the iPhone/iPod Touch on Twitter, from @DisneylandLive they posted this a couple of days ago.  If anyone is interested in looking up other Disney Twitters, I created a Disney Twitter list on my account at @glagana/disney.  I can also be found on Twitter at twitter.com/glagana.  We have annual passes, so you’ll find me tweeting while I’m there.

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