Old Boy director shoots an entire 30 minute film with an iPhone 4

The next time you start thinking about shooting a film, don’t give up because you lack the technology to do it. South Korean director Park Chan-wook managed to shoot an entire 30 minute film using an iPhone 4.

Park Chan-wook, known for his work on the film “Old Boy,” said the project took them 10 days to shoot with 80 people working on the film. There’s not much overly exciting about the news on the surface, but when you take a minute to think about how ubiquitous the iPhone has become, it’s amazing what people are doing with the device. Just two years ago it would have been pretty impossible to create a feature-film with a device that fits in your pocket and that also makes phone calls.

According to Park, the film will be about a fisherman and a female shaman, and it will be available in select theatres. Hopefully the move finds its way into some mainstream channels online—I’m curious to see how it turns out.

Article Via UPI

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