Digitimes: Oh wait, the iPhone 5 screen will actually be smaller

Today the fine folks over at DigiTimes have stated that the iPhone 5 will not only shed the reinforced glass back panel, but that it will also ship with a 3.5 –3.7-inch display panel. This rumor runs contrary to all the other rumors on the market, which makes it a little less surprising that DigiTimes has decided to buck the trend and report something else. But here’s where things get a bit bizarre. The iPhone currently has an 3.5-inch display. We’re going to give DigiTimes the benefit of the doubt and assume they mean that the iPhone 5 screen is smaller than what people are reporting, but possibly slightly bigger than it is currently. According to the post, the smaller screen will allow Apple to make the phone’s bezel thinner. DigiTimes is expecting that the smaller display will actually look a bit larger, because the casing will be thinner. We’re not completely sold on that logic.

If there’s anything that can be as traffic grabbing as rumors, it’s rumors that previous rumors weren’t true. Joseph Tsai, journalist for the DigiTimes, points out that previous reports are likely based on market demands and not fact. Here’s what you need to know: no one seems to have any clue about what the iPhone 5 will bring. Sure there are rumors, but this report just like all other reports before it are based on people in the know and other unnamed sources.

You know what that means. Better order your truckload of salt early.

Source: DigiTimes

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