Digital Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen Is The Smartest Pen You’ll Ever Own

Ditch your boring old ballpoint pen for the “Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen” by Livescribe. It records everything you write and hear in real time, will play it back for you, and sync it to your devices.

The Smartpen remembers everything — just tap anywhere on your notes and it will replay the audio from that moment in time. Your recorded notes and audio are automatically sent wirelessly and securely to your Evernote account. Each exclusive Livescribe plan for Evernote comes with 500MB of extra upload capacity for smartpen notes and audio.

The Smartpen will capture your notes, ideas, and diagrams and will sync to your account, which can be accessed with a Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. By syncing with Evernote, you can quickly and easily search and share your notes and lectures, meetings, and ideas any time on just about any device. Just tap on your notes in Evernote and interactive versions of your recordings play back with the Livescribe Player.

This actually looks like a really good idea. Check out the video and pictures to see what else the Smartpen can do for you.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.