More details on the iPhone 5 (4GS) getting new camera, flash setup

Rumors are circulating the internet about an iPhone 5 (4GS) case leak that shows a completely new layout for the camera and flash on the iPhone. The same rumors also point to a new, thinner bezel, but others seem to have debunked these assertions.

Here’s how the rumor breaks down. First, the case has obvious changes for the camera lens and flash, as you can see in the attached picture. Currently the iPhone 4 has a flash and camera on the same side of the device. While looking at the back, it’s clearly split up. In the pictures found online, the camera seems to have jumped to the right, or at least that’s what people have been saying.

Quickly zooming into the photo reveals some interesting information.

First, the alledged camera on the right side of the photo is significantly smaller than the hole on the left, which could indicate that the iPhone 5 (4GS) could be getting a bigger flash, but that’s not it at all.

Zooming into the image reveals that it’s not a black hole at all. Instead it looks an awful lot like a camera (try it).

Second, given the color differences in the original image, it could very well be a camera on the left, and a flash on the right, or an extremely poor photochop job. We’re going with the LED on the right. It makes the most sense at this point. It’s smaller than the left hole, and it’s a lot brighter, which pretty much matches up perfectly with the camera and flash on the iPhone 4.

Also, given the fact that MacRumors also debunked the thinner, slimmer, and bigger screen claim because they found a similarly structured case — the “Crystal” iPhone 4 case — it’s starting to look like this may just be the complete opposite of what everyone is claiming. The only thing this picture tells us is that the LED and camera have been split up. The camera could very well remain on the left, and the flash may be moved to the right, should any of this even be remotely true.

Article Via MacRumors

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