I’m not sure if any of you remember the Saturday morning cartoon C.O.P.S., but during some of the episodes there’s a moment when one of the characters is talking on a video phone. Since seeing that as a kid, I’ve always wanted a real video phone. Invoxia’s AudiOffice does exactly that. It’s like it’s from a past future, and it’s a real thing now.

The AudiOffice is an iPhone dock that not only has a handset so you don’t have to hold your iPhone up to your ear, but it also has a speaker phone built into it so you can talk handsfree at home or in meetings. Add in the fact that the AudiOffice has two USB connectors, a 3.5mm audio jack, and Bluetooth 2.1 integration, and you’re pretty much looking at the next generation of phone docks. Pretty damn cool.

You can pre-order the AudiOffice dock for €299.00, so it’s not exactly cheap, but when you consider all that it does, it may be worth the investment, especially if you’re thinking about getting one for the office.

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