Delusions of grandeur? Check. There’s an official Paris Hilton app

If there was ever an application that could be defined as having limited utility, this would be it. It’s probably the first and last time I would support Apple for pulling an application because of limited use.

The application lets you upload your personal photos so you can be voted “hot or not” by wannabe socialites. Hell you can also get an inside look on things that Hilton finds “hot,” her “BFFs,” and take stupid inane quizzes. Sounds like it’s worth $2.99 to me.

Maybe we should start an Anti-Macgasmic award ceremony for the dumbest iPhone app on the App Store; this would be the first recipient. Hell, The I’m Rich app has more utility than this thing.

I’m not going to lie—I downloaded the app just for the lulz. If you feel the need to point and laugh at an application, I’d suggest giving this thing a download. It’s probably the pinkest, sexiest, hottest, BFF of an app you’ll ever download.

On another note… Dear W3C, please create a sarcasm  tag.

This app is as anti-macgasmic as it gets. But, it’s worth it for the laugh—download recommended.

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