The Day Maker says “Ding! iPhone’s up!”

The Day Maker from Yanko Design is a cute little idea that replaces a nicely toasted slice of 12-grain with Apple’s flagship phone. When you go to sleep, this toaster-sized clock/alarm/iPhone-charger uses your phone to recreate “the most inherent human morning routine of popping the toast for breakfast, this concept captures the essence and is bound to make mornings more pleasant for gadget-freaks like us!” How do you use it? It’s easy.

• Set your phone alarm

• Insert phone into one of Day Maker’s cradles and push down to charge and set unit

• When the phone alarm goes off, the spring-loaded cradle will ‘pop’ the phone up

• Either remove the phone from Day Maker, or activate sleep by pushing the phone back down

• Repeat until ready

The Day Maker can be ordered from Yanko Design for… well… actually it’s nearly impossible to find the price for this thing or a way to add it to your cart. After 10 minutes, I gave up. Anyone else figure it out?

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