Czech blog says iPad to get smaller, others think the touch might get bigger

A Czech blog believes that Apple’s looking to introduce a smaller iPad, based on some pretty questionable sources, but 9 to 5 Mac seems to think that we might actually see a bigger iPod touch instead.

We’ve long argued that the iPod touch and iPhone would be differentiated by more than cellular connectivity moving forward. It certainly makes sense that an iPhone would remain the same size, and that the iPod touch could be used as a dedicated eReader/Tweener device. There’s no evidence to support the claim, but it’s a pretty intriguing idea.  We’re not the only ones thinking about it either. Brad McCarthy from The Next Web is drawing the same conclusions.

After spending a full week with a Kobo and an iPad for my reading, it became painfully clear that an eInk based eReader not only felt like a more comfortable read, but that it was also the perfect weight. There’s no denying that the iPad is just a little too big for long reading sessions, and the iPhone is too small for reading much of anything.

Jobs poignantly said a smaller iPad was not on the horizon recently, and we have no reason to doubt him. But, he didn’t say anything about a bigger iPod touch. Alright, I’m playing loose and fast with the logic here, but I can’t help but get excited about a dedicated eReader from Apple that carries the same size as a Kindle or Kobo. A lot of really smart people probably disagree with that, but after a week in Cuba with a Kobo, I won’t go back to reading on my iPad. Sure, the iPad works in a bind, or during a quick leisurely break, but I just can’t read on it for more than an hour. I keep trying, and I keep failing.

I still think that an eInk-backlit hybrid is the answer, but we won’t be seeing anything like that for a long time.

Having recently purchased an iPod touch for a loved one, I can attest to the fact that a slightly bigger model wouldn’t be much of a burden. Would you buy an iPod touch if it was slightly bigger and solely dedicated to eReading and iBooks? Of course, it would run iPhone apps.

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