Cut The Rope Receives An Update, Adds 25 New Levels

ZeptoLabs has just announced that their popular game, “Cut The Rope”, will be receiving a major update. This update gives all iOS and Android users 25 new levels. This update goes under the name “Spooky Box” as the levels feature ghosts that morph into bounce pads and bubbles. This allows you to feed Om Nom, the main character, in all new ways.

This update also offers superpowers, which are available as an in-app purchases. Users can purchase superpowers in various increments and can use them to move Om Nom’s beloved candy around the map for easier access. Previously, only users of Cut The Rope: Experiments were able to use superpowers.

If you’re unaware, Cut The Rope is a bit of an iOS oldie. The purpose of the game is to move Om Nom through a maze of ropes and bubbles to acquire candy. At the end of each level, players are rewarded with a score, which is is calculated by how efficient the player was at getting Om Nom to his candy.

If you don’t already own Cut The Rope, hit the link below to purchase it. As of now, Cut The Rope is one of my favorite games for iOS. It has a simple objective and a fun backstory. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

Source: MarketWire
Image Credit: jgoge

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