Cultured Code’s “State of Sync” series updated

People have wanted sync in Cultured Code’s Things for a really long time, so long in fact that it’s really difficult to understand why it’s taken so long to implement.

A lot of harsh words have been directed at Cultured Code over the years because of their lack of sync technologies. A lot of their competition has had some form of sync for a while now. OmniFocus, for instance, has been syncing since 2008.  It’s pretty evident that Cultured Code knows that a lot of people aren’t pleased with the amount of time it has taken to get sync capabilities into their application, because they’ve started writing posts about their struggles. Not too long ago, Jürgen put together the first article in a series titled State of Sync, where he began to tell the story of their sync woes. Today, the second instalment of their article series is available on their blog.

Long story short, Jürgen discusses popular syncing technologies and why they decided against using them. Apparently they’ve tried implementing sync on Things with MobileMe, Dropbox, and Bonjour, and none of them lived up to their standards. I’m not going to steal their thunder and rehash everything they had to say here, but if you’re interested in syncing technologies, it’s well worth the read.

I don’t necessarily agree with their opinions, but I’m not them, nor did I work on the project in any capacity. It’s an interesting read, but at this point it might be too little too late. A lot of people have moved on to other solutions at this point.

Article and Photo Via Cultured Code

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