Why not create your own white iPhone 4? Just get parts from China

Kudos where it’s due — Engadget had a brilliant idea, tearing apart their iPhone 4 and replacing the case with white replacement parts. They’ve managed to pull apart their phone, using iFixit’s tear down model, and replace all the black parts with white ones.

They’re a lot braver than I am, but if we had access to the iPhone 4 up here in Canada, we’d probably give this little Do It Yourself (DIY) modification a try. But, until we’re graced with an update, we’re going to have to live vicariously through Engadget this time.  Actually, now that I look at it again, that black button seriously detracts from the whole experiment.  It might be worth it to just wait for the white iPhone 4 to ship directly from Apple.  I’m way too likely to lose important screws to pull this off successfully.

Check out their mod. It’s pretty cool.

Article Via Engadget

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