A crash course in gaming as Burnout comes to iOS this holiday

Here’s something awesome we missed last week: Burnout Crash! is coming to the iPad (1 & 2) and iPhone (4 & 4S). For those unfamiliar with Criterion’s mayhem, Burnout’s the long running adrenaline racing series that originally made its money on the original PlayStation. Crash!, the downloadable spinoff which hit PSN and XBLA last month, is a stylised re-imagining of the smash-hit mode.

The idea is to use your car as a virtual battering ram to rack up the big points. It’s essentially a recreation of pinball. Multipliers, powerups and skill shots help you rise up the multiplayer leaderboards. Perhaps the best thing about Burnout Crash! is its focus on raw fun, something that’s been lacking from the franchise since it went ‘next generation’.

With 18 junctions, 3 modes, 6 locales and a selection of powerup inspired laughs, it’s a game that’s extremely welcome on a touch screen device. If it stays on course, it should arrive this year in time for the holidays.

In the meanwhile, if you’re after something auto-related that’s more sedate, we highly recommend you check out Grand Prix Story. There’s also Seigecraft’s release to keep you busy, a game we’ve been pumped about for a while.

Via: Eurogamer
Image Credit: Criterion Games

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