G.I. Joe is going to be pissed: Cobra announces iRadar detector

Would you turn your iPhone into an iRadar to avoid speeding tickets? Cobra is hoping that you just might, despite the device likely being illegal in numerous countries and states.

Cobra has announced and is currently showing off their iRadar for iOS and Android at CES. The iRadar dongle connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and then send all of the “information” directly to your iPhone. Eat that coppers. It gets worse though, and by worse I clearly mean awesomer. The iRadar not only detects radar in your area, but it also gathers a listing of “trouble” spots and illustrates the locations cops like to “hangout” on a map for your perusal. You’ll be able to purchase the device for $169, and you can bet your last dollar on the fact that we’re already trying to get a test unit for review. High-speed police chase here I come!

The iPhone may make the whole in-car radar thing a little more incognito than the police are used to, but at the rate that lawmakers are making in car “handheld” devices illegal to use while driving, it’s probably only a matter of time before you’re not even allowed to carry an iPhone while you’re driving.

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