Apple CEO Cook Visits Foxconn iPhone Production Line

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently made a trip over to China. One of his stops included visiting the Foxconn iPhone production line, meeting with employees there. Cook’s visit was prompted by the Mike Daisey story on This American Life. Sadly, the former Foxconn employee with the mangled hand was unavailable for comment. …. you know, ’cause they couldn’t find him.

For those who live under a rock and haven’t heard the controversies at Foxconn were not minor. Reports of excessively long work hours, sometimes exceeding legal limits, and low wages compared to the high cost of living painted a concerning picture. Additionally, there were unsettling reports of safety lapses, contributing to accidents and, in some tragic cases, fatalities.

Before Cook’s visit, Apple had made attempts to address these issues. They regularly audited Foxconn and other suppliers, intending to ensure compliance with their code of conduct. However, these audits often revealed ongoing challenges, raising questions about their effectiveness and Apple’s desire to really change things.

I’m glad to see that Cook is willing to tackle some of these tough issues head-on. On one hand, it showed Apple’s willingness to confront difficult issues head-on, potentially strengthening its reputation for corporate responsibility. On the other, if the visit is perceived as mere window dressing, it could aggravate public and investor concerns about whether Apple was truly committed to ethical manufacturing practices.

Photo Credit: iFeng

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