Contract free iPhone 4S already available from Apple


On the record, Apple says they will be selling the contract free iPhone 4S in November, but 9to5Mac has learned that you can already purchase them now directly.

Once purchased, you simply activate the contract free phone via iTunes. You are immediately presented with a message announcing the successful unlock and you can be on your merry little way. ┬áThis has been verified by Steven Troughton-Smith, who has successfully connected his unlocked 4S to T-Mobile’s EDGE network using an 02 SIM, and setting his phone to allow roaming.

These phones can be purchased from select Apple Retail Stores for $649, $749, and $849 respectively, based on size.

The allure of unlocked iPhones is one that keeps the prices of used handsets so high. Users want to be able to jump on the bandwagon without being locked into a contract and without being restricted to a single carrier.

I wonder if the CEO of T-Mobile has his mouse hovering over an Apple Shopping Cart containing 1,000,000 unlocked iPhones. The invested risk would still be lower than that of Sprint. Before the comments roll in, yes, I know this would probably break international trade agreements and is 100% not happening or even being considered.

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