Coming Soon: Pulse for iPhone

Alphonso Labs, the company behind Pulse, the awesome, yes awesome, news reader that has taken the Apple iPad by storm, is about to launch something pretty darn cool — Pulse for the iPhone is coming soon.

Now, for those of you following much of the Apple technology news, you will recall that during Steve’s Keynote for WWDC 2010, he prominently showed off Pulse to the room packed with devoted developers; then, interestingly enough, later that day, there was an “issue” with the New York Times feed being fetched by the app and before you know it Pulse was out of the App Store. After a few hours of everyone shrugging their shoulders and blurting out a concerted WTF ?!, Pulse was back…and we’re all very happy for that.

Here’s the scoop. I have Pulse for the iPad and have almost completely standardized it as my default news reader (I still sneak over to Early Edition every now and then).

However, I’m very excited to hear that a version of Pulse is coming for the iPhone. Especially since I have a new iPhone 4 which is blazingly fast and I can’t wait to see how the Retina Display feature and speed boost work on the iPhone version.

Check out this sneak peek video of the iPhone version in action and leave your comments below with your initial impressions.

According to the team at Alphonso Labs, they have completed the app and it is in the queue awaiting App Store approval.

Now, as long as this is a universal app and doesn’t require me to purchase another copy since I already own the iPad version – all will be well. If not, there will be a strongly worded update to this post. Hint, hint.

Follow the Alphonso Labs team on Twitter here.

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