Code strings show that iOS 5 will allow 1080p video export

Besides the widely announced new features of Apple’s Camera app in iOS 5, there also seem to be some under-the-hood improvements available to all users of the new OS. One of them is the ability to watch and also export 1080p video files.

Up until now (and until the public release of iOS 5 this fall), videos taken or edited on iOS devices could “only” be exported to 720p. New code strings, discovered by our colleagues at 9to5mac, show that this will change.

”It is now clear that iOS 5 enables devices such as iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2 and fourth-generation iPod touch to both decode 1080p videos and encode content in 1080p.”

As you may know, the current generation of iOS devices only features cameras that record in up to 720p. The support for a full 1080p export from within all apps that process video files (ig., iMovie) suggests that the rumors of an eight mega-pixel camera in the new iPhone (4S/5) might be true.

Article Via 9to5mac

Photo Credit: Nico Kaiser

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