Cloth App Gets Weather In-App Upgrade To Help Dress For The Weather

Choosing an outfit for the day can be hard enough without the added worries of whether or not you’ll be too hot or too cold. With the Cloth app’s new weather in-app upgrade, you may never have to worry about this again!

Bootstrapped on Airbnb, Cloth’s new update now has a weather feature that will suggest an outfit for the day based on the weather.

Users simply take photos of their favourite outfits and tag them with notes and categories. Available for the iPhone and iPod touch, this app makes it easy to take pictures of your outfits, categorize them, and share your favorite ones.

With so many ways to find out the weather (Internet, TV, weather apps, etc.), it’ll be interesting to see if blending the two worlds of weather and fashion will be a hit. Seth Porges, creater of this app, seems to think it will be a success: “Fashion and weather are fields with a huge overlap. There’s surprisingly little technology to bridge those two worlds.”

Other new weather-updated features include:

  • You can automatically tag your outfits for the current conditions (such as “Freezing” or “Rain”)
  • It’s easy to see the best outfit for the current conditions
  • Gives built-in photo editing and filters
  • You can now search your outfits by tags

So if you have a hard time choosing an outfit appropriate for the weather, then this is definitely the app for you. Check out more details in iTunes. The basic Cloth app is is free, and it’s $0.99 for the in-app upgrade for the weather functionality.

Source: Betabeat and Apple
Image Credit: The Next Web

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