China Telecom confirms that it’s planning to launch the iPhone in February


After all the speculation yesterday about how many iPhones Apple could sell in China, it appears that China Telecom has finally crossed all of its t’s and dotted all of it i’s, and that the iPhone is very close to being released on one of its subsidiaries: Beijing Telecom Co.

From China Daily:

[quote]In a news release on Monday, Beijing Telecom Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Telecom, said the CDMA-version iPhone 4S is likely to hit the domestic market by the end of February, or at the beginning of March. However, no pricing details were disclosed. “China Telecom has already started preparatory work for the launch of the iPhone 4S,” according to the press release.[/quote]

The move would open up China Telecom’s 36.3 million 3G users to Apple. The China Daily report also suggests that Apple has received all three major operating licenses to begin selling the CDMA iPhone 4S to China Telecom customers. It should be an interesting year for the battle between Android and iPhone. There’s a lot of marketshare now up for grabs.

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