China beats out the US for most iOS and Android activations


While the US has been king of the smartphones since Apple blew the rest of the market out of the water, China’s incredible population and growing middle class has skyrocketed them to the number one spot in iOS and Android phone activations.

Peter Farago, Flurry:

In January 2011, the U.S. accounted for 28% of the world’s total iOS and Android device activations, while China accounted for 8%. In February, Flurry calculated that China surpassed the United States in monthly new iOS and Android device activations for the first time in history. China is now the world’s fastest growing smart device market. For March, we project that China will account for 24% of all iOS and Android device activations, while the U.S. will account for 21%.

This is incredible, and it really highlights what an important market China is for Apple. While we’re here in North America screwing around with marketshare and telecom comparisons, Apple is over in Asia making BANK. How long until the main focus of smartphone developers shifts away from western markets to Asia? It’s bound to happen as the standard of living continues to expand dramatically in both China and India.

What is particularly interesting is that China and a few other Asian countries are the headquarters of iPhone knockoffs, but people there have clearly made it known that they want the real deal. Take your shitty fake iPhone and shove it. The Asian market wants the iPhone, and they are paying for it in droves.

Source: Flurry


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