Check Out This Side By Side Video Of Siri And Samsung’s S-Voice


Samsung has unveiled its own voice recognition app when it announced the Galaxy S III, but the question remains, which voice recognition app shines the most, S-Voice or Siri? This side-by-side comparison video sets out to answer the question.

The Phandroid team has found a video comparison, and we have to say, all things being equal, S-Voice is pretty impressive. But, things aren’t equal, and the comparisons are between a brand new service, S-Voice, and iOS 5’s Siri integration. iOS 6 has just been announced, and there are some pretty large changes to Siri.

We should also point out that Apple has added more localizations for countries outside of the U.S. in iOS 6; however, it doesn’t appear that Australia is included in that listing. In Canada we can now get information based on location directly from Siri.

Source: Phandroid

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