Check Out This iPhone Case That Looks Like A Mug

Here’s a case for anyone who has ever wanted an iPhone case that looks like a coffee mug, though I’m guessing there aren’t too many of you. The MUG case is a self-standing silicone case for the iPhone 5.

Just like any coffee mug, the case has a handle at the back, which means you can lay your phone on its side and it’ll be propped up at a good angle. The handle might even give you something to hold onto, which could be helpful for the clumsy among us.

The MUG case even has a built-in storage system, so you can put your earphones, credit cards, or other small essentials right inside the case.

Each case has a two-tone design and comes in a variety of color options, including yellow, white, pink, blue, green, brown, and gray, with a second color for the handle. The cases are made in Korea.

These cases definitely have a unique design, though I’m not sure how practical they would actually be. It might be a little hard to squeeze it into your pocket with the handle on the side.

Image Credit: Mobile Fun Blog

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