Check Out These Sexy iPad Mini Renderings

Leaked parts for the iPad mini show that the device may offer an anodized back cover. And while this may not sound too exciting at first, trust me, it should once you see these renderings of the device posted by Gizmodo fan Martin Hajek. These renderings show the sleek and sexy possibilites of multiple color options with the rumored iPad mini. But if blue and pink aren’t your thing, you have to see just how awesome a black anodized aluminum back looks on the iPad. We’ve embedded a render above.

Other interesting things about these renders include a smaller bezel on the front of the iPad and a much larger camera lens on the back of the device. The renders also show both white and black glass on the iPad mini, so it should be interesting to see what actually comes of the device. And no, these renders are in no way official.

If you’re unaware, the iPad mini is supposed to be announced this month and should offer a 7.85-inch screen. The iPad will reportedly feature a Lightning port for charging and syncing and should be priced anywhere between $249 and $299 in the United States.

Source: Gizmodo via Boy Genius Report
Image Credit: Gizmodo

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