Carriers Getting Nano SIMs Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch?

With the expected iPhone 5 announcement just a week away, sources are reporting that the Nano SIMs that Apple is supposedly switching to for the iPhone 5 have begun arriving at carrier stores. iFun reports that the smaller SIM cards were spotted at German T-Mobile locations along with a letter informing retail staff that the new chips are for the latest generation of smartphones.

The letter to retailers states (translated):

“Dear partners,
You will receive today a new generation of SIM cards for the latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future on the market. Sort your SIM card please first not in their cards in hand and give it not out to customers. We will inform you shortly about how to proceed.” T-Mobile Germany letter

While the letter doesn’t specifically say that the nano SIM cards are for the next iPhone, Apple is believed to be the first and only company to use the Nano SIM standard. In about a week, we’ll all know for sure.

Source: iFun via SlashGear
Image Credit: iFun

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