Camera+ 1.2 update is adding some kickass features

Camera+ Photo: Walking into the Weezer Show
Camera+ Photo: Walking into the Weezer Show

Camera+ is quickly becoming the best camera application on the App Store. Heck, if Apple is looking at one company to buy up that would greatly enhance their native camera application, I’d recommend they start with Tap Tap Tap. But, that’s probably not going to happen, and if anything, they’ll hire the Tap Tap Tap developers, and have them reproduce their work, much like the did with the delicious library guys for the iBook application.

That being said, Tap Tap Tap is doing some seriously innovative work on the iPhone these days, and some of the new features in Camera+ are things that we’ve never seen in any other application before. We’re not alone either. The guys over at Just Another iPhone Blog seem to be on the same page. What is the Tap Tap Tap team doing that’s so innovative? Well, they’re remapping the volume controls to control the shutter. This feature could go either way for consumers. We’re not sure how it’s going to interact with users who are listening to their iPod while taking photos. The application could very well override your iPod volume controls.

Other features that make an appearance in the teaser video: multitouch autofocus, and exposure settings.

Camera+ has already taken over as my fulltime camera application, and this is only going to add to my experience.

If you’re looking for a review, you can get our thoughts here.

Here’s a video of the updated application in use

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