Best Buy will not be selling the iPhone 4 on launch day.

For those of you looking forward to getting your hands on the iPhone 4 at Best Buy on launch day, I am sad to say that it will not happen.  Last week I wrote an article entitled – “Where will you be buying your iPhone on June 24th?”, in which I list all five stores that will have the iPhone 4 available on launch day.  Out of the five stores mentioned, Best Buy was one of them.  At the time, the word was that they will have them in stock on launch day.  Well, that has changed according to a piece from Cult of Mac.

Cult of Mac’s David W. Martin is reporting that iClarified has Best Buy’s leaked playbook for the iPhone 4 launch day, and it does not include selling you an iPhone on launch day:

“The  most interesting information revealed in the document, according to iClarified, is that Best Buy will be offering pre-sales on launch day for people standing in line waiting to buy an iPhone 4:

Since inventory availability is expected to be minimal, stores may open up a limited time pre-sale window as an option for customers on launch day who have not previously pre-purchased.
– Pre-sales may only occur up to 11:00 am local time
– Customers who pre-purchase on launch day will be added to the store’s pre-sale cue based on time of pre-sale and will get their pre-sale fulfilled in priority order
– Do not provide customers who pre-purchase on launch day timing on when a device may be available”

This is a total let down for people who decided to go with Best Buy as their store of choice for getting their iPhone 4 on launch day.  I had written earlier that I was going to get my iPhone 4 at Radio Shack.  However, I decided to go with the Apple Store instead.  I was able to only reserve one of the two iPhones I need.  Both my wife and I tried during the day, with no success in reserving one.  Then we found out in the evening that Apple was no longer taking reservations.  However, they said that they will have iPhones on launch day for those that were not able to reserve one.  They will be available on a first come, first served basis.

My advice is get to your local Apple Store as early as you can and prepare to wait in a long line.  That’s where I’ll be on launch day.  Where will you be to get your new iPhone 4?  Were you lucky enough to reserve one, or perhaps you’re having yours shipped to you?  Let us know how you’ll get your iPhone 4 by leaving a comment in the comments section below.  By the way, if you’d like to know more, you can also read  more about the full iClarified Best Buy leak.

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Article Via Cult of Mac

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