Bumpers are back on the menu…in China

The free bumper extravaganza is coming to an end pretty quickly (September 30th), and it seems only logical that once demand has been reached, Apple will send their supply back to their online and brick and mortar stores.

While the bumpers have yet to make it back to their rightful places on the shelves in North America, it seems like the bumpers have found their way to China.

The attached photo clearly shows that black bumpers are on sale at the newly opened Beijing store, and that consumers can pick them up right off the shelves. So, here’s the next obvious question: are they issuing immediate refunds to people buying them in China until the 30th, or are they letting people walk out of the store after paying full price for them?

I’ve long said that the antenna problem is B.S. and that there doesn’t seem to be an issue outside of the US, but, if everyone else is taking advantage of the situation and getting free bumpers, why shouldn’t the Chinese as well?

Image Credit and Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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