Oh boy: Toyota starts advertising on Cydia

Advertising makes the internet go round, and it’s not completely unsurprising that Cydia is relying on advertising to keep their service afloat; however, it is a little bit shocking that a major corporation like Toyota is involved in the process.

Toyota has taken up residence on Cydia, and has begun running a series of advertisements in Cydia, as well as around ModMyi.com. It’s an interesting little end-around to getting ads in front of iPhone users without having to pay for iAds.

Apple Inc. can’t be too pleased with the move. According to Cydia’s founder Saurik, it’s believed that 9% of iOS users jailbreak their devices, which results in approximately 15 million users running the legal, but officially unsupported software.

This may be the start of major companies supporting the jailbreak community, and filtering advertising dollars on to developers who’ve had major success on Cydia. It’s hard to believe that Toyoto will be the first and last major company to advertise on jailbroken devices.

We can’t knock the ingenuity of the move, but if we have to hazard a guess, Apple’s going to be working overtime to ensure that companies interested in advertising on iOS turn to iAds instead of Cydia.

Article Via The Next Web
Photo Credit: Purple Lime

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