iPad app gets a pretty significant update

If you use already, you know just how useful the application can be when trying to collaborate and interact with your documents. When you add in the ability to gain access to your documents from the iPad, things just get that much better.

As of today, Box has updated their iPad and iPhone app to include some important new features. Included in this update is Locking and Auto Logout of your application. The lock acts much like the iOS screen lock. You’ll be asked to enter a four-digit code to get back into the application again. You can also set the application to automatically logout once you close the application.

Also included in this update is SSO login options that include PingFederate, and Google Apps as a way to log into and get your documents.

Video Out and Air Printing have both been included as well. The Video Out is pretty nifty. Instead of displaying the entire display on a television or monitor, Box only shows off the document that you’re looking at on the screen.

Video of the new features in action

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