Bose Introduces SoundDock III With Lightning Support, Ships Soon

If you have a few extra dollars to spend and want a new dock for your Lightning-equipped iPhone or iPod, Bose has you covered. Bose has just begun advertising its latest speaker dock, the SoundDock III, on its website, and they have announced that it will sell for $249.95. The dock was given a shipping estimate of 7-10 days, so there’s a fair chance of it showing up for Christmas if you order now.

The device itself hasn’t changed much since the SoundDock II for 30-pin devices. The design is very similar and the device still includes a cheesy remote that can be used to play and pause music as well as change tracks. Bose has also kept the AUX port on the rear of the device, which is helpful if you want to use non-Lightning devices with the dock.

While Bose may be early to the Lightning dock market, it’s definitely not the first. Earlier this month, Phillips unveiled a whole line of rather attractive docks via its Flickr page. JBL has also announced a few speaker docks, which are are available for order now via its online store.

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