BoinxTV gains motion input via new Orientator iOS app

BoinxTV is a really powerful app for the Mac that helps in the production of professional TV effects, making them simple enough for a normal person to use.

Many people need to create demos of iOS apps in use, and many of those apps require orientation data. To solve this interesting and unique problem, the folks at Boinx Software have created a special app for the iPhone that records orientation data and sends it to the corresponding Mac app via Wi-Fi in real time. This is designed to assist in the production of videos such as app demos, which are often used in podcasts.

The setup and use of the app is fairly straightforward, but for those having a hard time, the company has set up some training videos on their website to help get you started. If you’re using BoinxTV already, you’ll need to grab the latest update to add support for this new iOS device orientation input. Once you’re running the latest version of BoinxTV, and have the iOS app installed on your favorite iDevice, you’re all set and ready to begin recording some powerful app demos or other great videos.

Article Via TUAW

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