New Bluetooth issues that affect iOS 4 devices

One of the first complaints I heard about the iPhone 4 was that the glass on the front and back of the iPhone made it too fragile or delicate.  Then came “AntennaGate,” with everyone and their grandmother ranting about antenna attenuation issues.  The new issue people have found doesn’t affect the iPhone 4 alone, but any of the iPhones that have iOS 4 on them.  Even the iPhone 3GS is not immune to the ever growing issues people are finding.  The new issue related to iOS 4 seems to be with the Bluetooth.  People are reporting that the audio is “‘muffled,’ ‘like you’re in a tunnel’ or ‘far away’ when using a Bluetooth headset with any iOS 4 device,” according to Cult of Mac.

John Brownlee of Cult of Mac goes on to cite a Jawbone forum response from one of their spokespeople:

“We are aware of and concerned with the user frustration surrounding the issues affecting all Bluetooth devices (headsets, car kits, and speakers) connecting to the iPhone 4 and iOS4 updated phones. We know users have come to expect the freedom of hands-free and we are working night and day with our partners, Apple and AT&T, to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.”

This is yet another issue I am not experiencing with my iPhone 4.  I actually have improved Bluetooth performance over my iPhone 3G.  With my iPhone 3G I could only have one Bluetooth device as an audio source.  However, with my iPhone 4 I can have my Samsung WEP490 earpiece as well as my Prius’ Bluetooth running simultaneously on my iPhone 4.  In addition, I can pick up or make a call from either my car’s Bluetooth, or my Samsung earpiece.  On two occasions I did have my call automatically switch from my Prius’ Bluetooth to my Samsung earpiece, but that’s it, no other issues.

With iOS 4.1 coming out, let’s hope it resolves this issue for those who are having an issue.  Are you having an issue with your iOS 4 device and Bluetooth?  If you are, we would love to hear from you.  Even if you are not experiencing this issue, we would still love to hear you thoughts about it.

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Article Via Cult of Mac

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