Bing’s Most Searched Term This Year Was… iPhone 5?

Bing, Microsoft’s in-house search engine, has just announced the most searched terms of the year via the Bing Community blog. The Bing team broke down the searched terms into multiple categories, such as news stories and consumer electronics.

As far as news stories go, Apple took first place with iPhone 5, beating both the Olympics and 2012 presidential elections. Other competing topics include Gangnam Style, KONY 2012, and yes, even Honey Boo Boo. Also, it’s worth noting that neither Windows 8 nor Windows Phone 8 made the top news stories list. According to Microsoft, “Speculation and excitement around the launch of iPhone 5 built up throughout the year, making this the most searched news story on Bing in 2012″. I guess few were excited for Windows Phone 8.

As far as consumer electronics go, Microsoft had a bit of luck. Both Xbox and Windows 8 took seventh and tenth place respectively. However, Apple took first, second, fifth, sixth and ninth place with iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 3, iPod touch and iPhone 4S. It’s pretty sad that not a single Windows Phone made it to the top of the consumer electronics list considering all current Windows Phones feature strong Bing integration.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.