Bike Baron due mid August, flip and jump your way to success

Currently there are a lot of “physics based skill racers” for iOS and they generally follow the same vein: navigate an often ludicrously twitchy vehicle through loops, jumps and hills to get to the end point. This is made more difficult by obstacles, necessary tricks and the fact that you’re being pressured by time limits.

The latest title on the horizon is Bike Baron, a Trials-like dirt-bike game coming from the co-developer of Death Rally. It keeps to the formula closely as you ride your way across precariously designed levels that require sharp reactions and a daring attitude.

Mountain Sheep promises it’ll have a competent level editor to ensure you don’t get bored with the standard selection. There’s no news on whether your creations will be shareable and the release date / price is still expectantly sketchy.

It should be along in August if the developers keep on track and the game’s out on both iPad and iPhone. Check out the first gameplay trailer below.

Via: Pocket Gamer
Image Credit: Mountain Sheep

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